:: 10.3.2015 ::

Our latest addition:

Vitas Little Desire of Venuksen

Vitas Little Desire of Venuksen, red pure persian
Photo: Tamara Vysotskaya

Red pure persian

GC Steeplechase Hot Rod x GC Go-Teekatz Play Me a Song

Thank you Tamara for this gorgeous redhead!

:: 21.8.2010 ::

Our latest addition:

BlueIce's Almond Beauty

BlueIce's Almond Beauty, tortie pure persian
Photo: Virpi Havukainen

Tortie pure persian

IC Midas Wicked Cool x BlueIce's My Fair Lady

Thank you Virpi for this stunning girl!

:: 3.9.2009 ::

The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.
International Division Award Europe


had achieved the award of
for the 2008-2009 show season.

:: 09.11.2008 ::

By Changes Pretty Woman was 10th best Allbreed Cat in Mary Auth's Premiership Final and became our first CFA Premier!

:: 03.05.2008 ::

CH Nipsu-Nappulan Just A Star was Best of All Breed in Michael Schleissner's ring in Cat Fanciers of Finland's show in Heinola!

In photo Jesse-exotic, owner Jonna P├Ątynen and judge Michael Schleissner
Photo: Heikki Siltala

:: 03.11.2006 ::

Photo: Gitte Valsted

Black pure persian male
Anona Black Magic x Asta Af Kambyses

Thank you Bev and Gitte for this stunning boy!

:: 07.-08.10.2006 ::

GIP Mimosan Zelda N.F.S. was Best In Show in Vantaa 07. & 08.10.2006!
By Changes Pretty Woman was nominated for Best In Show 08.10.2006.
Nipsu-Nappulan Just A Star was nominated for Best In Show 07.10.2006.

:: 03.12.2006 ::

Photo: Niina Lankinen

Red & white exotic male
GIC Whispers Gonna Be A Star x IC Nipsu-Nappulan Angel Eyes

Thank you Niina for this super boy!

:: 12. - 13. 08.2006 ::

By Changes Pretty Woman (PER d 22) was Best in Show (adult) on Saturday and BOX-adult on Sunday in Tallinn, Estonia!

:: 23.04.2006 ::

Boberan's American Beauty (PER g) was Best in Show (kittens 6-10 months) in Turku!

:: 20.04.2006 ::

Photo: Cindy Talen

Red classic tabby pure persian female
Jake the Fat Man de Precisar x Real World's Tiara

Thank you Cindy for letting us have this beautiful lady!

:: 25.02.2006 ::

Photo: Randy Primmer & Robert Farber

Blue-cream pure persian female
GC Bi Hei Black Jack of Boberan x CH Boberan's Angelia

Thank you Randy & Bob for this Dream-Come-True Girl!

:: 07.01.2006 ::

GIP & IC Whispers Fly Me To The Moon (EXO d) was granded European Premior!

Thank you Saara for this sweet red boy!