Venuksen persians and exotics is a small cattery in Tuusula, Finland (Europe), registered in FIFe since February 2005. We got our first own cat in 1998. We got our first exotic in year 2002 and first persian year 2004.

Our pure persian lines consist of Anona, Athelstones, Boberan, By Chance, Eddore, Johnorah, Jolee, Jubileum, Kitjim, Marhei, Pajean, Q-T Cats, Ronlyn, Steeplechase- and Vickits lines. No exotics or himmies in our persian pedigrees. All our breeding cats are DNA-tested PKD-negative.

Our goal is to breed healthy, lovable cats with sweet temperament, cobby body and legs, big round beautiful eyes and open expression. Health and personality are the most important things in a cat for us.

Our cats are members of the family (no cages). Kittens and adult cats are allowed to play around the house.

Our breeding cats are healthy and well behaving cats. All our breeding cats have been tested negative for PKD, FeLV, FIV & Microsporum canis.

It is very important to us that our kittens get a good home, where they are loved all their life (even over 15 years). Allways when we sell a kitten, we make a written contract about breeding and showing, health care, grooming and hygiene of the cat. We want our kittens to be indoor cats. We don't sell kittens to catteries with cages.

Jonna & Tommi Pätynen

Jonna & Tommi Pätynen